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The DuoControl CS from Truma is a safety gas pressure regulator with automatic changeover for connecting to two gas cylinders for caravans and motorhomes.

The gas pressure regulator ensures a uniform output pressure of 30 mbar with a permissible inlet pressure range of 0.7 to 16 bar.

DuoControl CS allows gas appliances to be operated while driving. The integrated crash sensor (CS) interrupts the flow of gas in the event of an accident with directly acting deceleration of 4.0 g ± 1.0g.

The gas pressure regulator with safety valve is a single-stage gas pressure regulator. If the gas pressure regulator is not working properly, for example due to dirt or other foreign material on the valve, the safety valve opens and blows off to a pressure of 110 mbar.

Please note:

Using the DuoControl CS in closed rooms (e.g. at home), on boats or in EX Zone 0 (e.g. tankers) is prohibited.

The national regulations must be observed if there is a possibility of it being used in mobile homes. Its use in mobile homes is prohibited in Germany.

An automatic PRV (Pressure Relief Valve) safety device integrated in the DuoControl CS with limited flow protects the connected consumers against impermissibly high pressure. As soon as an impermissibly high pressure arises on the output side, the PRV opens and blows out the overpressure into the air. The PRV closes automatically after the pressure is reduced.

DuoControl CS must not be used for commercial purposes.

- Model: Vertical with 8mm outlet

- Gas type: Liquefied gas (propane / butane)

- Admission pressure: 0.7 - 16 bar

- Output pressure: 30 mbar

- Regulator capacity: 1.5 kg/h

- Regulator inlet: Male thread M20 x 1.5 (G.13)

- Regulator outlet: Olive screw connection 8mm

- Horizontal triggering value: 4.0 g ± 1.0 g

- Operating temperature: -20 °C to +50 °C

Recommended tightening torque:

- 3 - 5 Nm for union nut M20 x 1.5 (G.13)

- 14 - 19 Nm for olive screw connection 8mm

Truma DuoControl Gas Regulator with Crash Safe (Vertical / 8mm Outlet)

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