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Aqua Kem PowerPods Bio - The power of natural liquids in a pod! A real innovation.

Thetford PowerPods Bio offer state of the art looks and performance, representing the new generation of convenient single-dose waste-holding tank additives. Due to innovative perfume lock technology, the fragrance is kept in the pods until it is needed, so hardly any smell in your bathroom and your hands. The PowerPods represent the power of Thetford toilet additives in a pod, offering outstanding performance!

Area: Waste-holding tank

Concentrated: Yes

Content: 20 Pods

Frequency of use: 1 dose is enough for 5 days

Standard dose: 1 Pod

Do not store below temperatures of -5°C, or this may lead to leaking pods. A frozen, non-leaking pod can be used without any issues or impaired functionality after defrosting

Thetford Aqua Kem PowerPods Bio (20 Pods) Product code: TC-021 Manufacturer SKU:

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