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A narrow dehumidifier particularly suited to windowsills and narrow spaces. The absorbent crystals inside attract and remove moisture from the air, helping to prevent condensation, mould, mildew, and associated odours.

The 500 grams of fresh linen-scented crystals as included, are effective for six to eight weeks and absorb twice their weight in moisture (up to one litre). Once full, the liquid collected in the dehumidifier can be poured away using the spout and the crystals can be replaced with scented or scent-free refills.

Please note: This product is supplied with 500 grams of scented crystal. For further refills, see product codes NDV020, NDV081, NDV019 and NDV018.

Kontrol Streamline Moisture Trap Linen Scent (1 Litre Capacity)

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