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The AL-KO Secure is an advanced anti-theft wheel lock designed specifically for caravans.

The device is rated Sold Secure Diamond Standard, the highest standard of security. Many insurance companies offer discounts for caravan owners who use approved security devices like the AL-KO Secure.

With over 33,000 security combinations, the AL-KO Secure provides a high level of security. The chances of someone being able to unlock it without the proper key are extremely low.

The device features a registered key management system, which adds an extra layer of security. This system helps prevent unauthorised duplication of keys and ensures that replacement keys can be obtained only by registered owners.

The wheel lock is equipped with an anti-pick radial lock mechanism, further enhancing its resistance to tampering and unauthorised access.

Despite its high level of security, the device is portable and easy to fit. It is also highly visible, serving as a deterrent to potential thieves.

Kit Contents:

- Rim specific insert

- Rear protective cover

- Wheel spanner

- Heavy duty storage bag

- Lock Components Box housing:

- Locking bolt & locking bolt socket

- Barrel lock and 2 barrel lock keys

- Barrel lock weather cover

- Instruction manual with Registration card


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AL-KO 1557310 Secure Wheel Lock No 35

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