So, you’ve reached the end of another exciting moho season. You’ve seen some fantastic sights, met some great new people (mostly) and pushed your van to it’s limit. It’s looked after you throughout like a loyal and affectionate friend. It’s been there for you at the end of every exhilarating day and kept you warm, cosy and safe. Now it’s time to return the favour, to show your loyal friend some TLC and wrap her up safe for the winter. Here is our guide to help you make sure your van comes out of the other side of winter ready and raring to go….just like you!

The basics

  • Take out the gas - remove all gas cylinders, even partially empty ones and store these somewhere cool and well ventilated.

  • Drain everything - make sure your water system and anything else that uses water is fully drained. This will make sure that there will be no damage caused by freezing temperatures and will help to minimise damp inside your van which can cause other problems as well as that musty damp smell.

  • Ventilation - make sure that all vents are left open and where possible, leave lockers and doors open to allow air flow throughout the van including the fridge door.

  • Soft furnishings - if you have somewhere to store them, it is a good idea to remove any soft furnishings and/or the coverings to prevent them getting damp. If you can’t remove cushions etc, store them in your van in such a way as to allow air to circulate.

  • Not for storage - it might be tempting to store some items that you only use in your van for the sake of saving space at home such as bedding and towels but as per the above, they will likely end up smelling a bit musty however careful you are and you will just end up having to wash them all again. You might want to pop in a couple of the mini dehumidifier’s that you can buy for a couple of pounds if you’ve noticed a particular issue previously. Your van will likely always need a good airing before the first use although bear in mind, if damp and/or the smell of is particularly bad, it might point to a bigger issue that needs further investigation.

  • Battery - if you are storing your van at home on a drive for example and will be utilising the van’s own security systems, make sure your battery is up to the task.

  • Valuables - remove all valuables such as tech (tv’s, tablets, chargers, etc.) and any paperwork/insurance docs relevant to your van for safekeeping at home.

Spring clean

  • It goes without saying and probably you all do this anyway but give the inside of your van a thorough clean. Not only will this mean when you come to bring her out of hibernation for your first trip away in the new season, your van will be sparkly and fresh, it will give you the opportunity to inspect your van thoroughly and identify any issues that need attention.

  • Just as important is to give the outside of your van a good clean too. Again it will give you an opportunity to give your moho or caravan a good inspection and will clean off any nasties that have accumulated over the holiday season that can affect and cause damage to things like rubber seals. Make sure your van is packed away clean and dry.

Make do and mend

  • Well there really should be no making do when it comes to maintaining your van or moho. The quiet season is a perfect opportunity to attend to anything that may have been damaged or deteriorated over the last few months. If you’re not able to do everything at once, make a point of prioritising those issues that will worsen over time such as anything damp related. It won’t dry out over the cold winter months so it will have a perfect opportunity to take a grip and possibly turn a minor issue into a big problem that will dampen (pardon the pun) your holiday spirit when you are ready and raring to go. Give your bathroom a really good check over. Prod and push and look out for any spongy areas and/or swelling of the walls, floor and ceiling and around the shower, toilet and under the sink.

  • Of course as with the above, anything rust related should also be seen as a matter of importance so that it doesn’t have the opportunity to cause real damage while stored away for the winter.


  • If you have a caravan, make sure you pay attention to the hitch and ensure that this is well protected from the damp and cold. Not only will a poorly protected hitch be difficult to attach to your vehicle, it can also be very dangerous if any deterioration occurs.

  • If you have a moho and particularly if you’ve done a lot of miles, this is a great opportunity for a service and general engine wellbeing check. Make sure the underneath of your moho is checked thoroughly too for anything that can be easily missed and a change of old oil at this point is probably a good idea. Check out your manufacturers guide to laying up your vehicle for a long period.

  • If you are lucky enough to be able to store your van or moho inside, this of course will offer protection from the elements. If however like the majority of us you have to keep your beasty outside, if you are able to cover her up, this is preferable.

Remember, the above is not an exhaustive list and we would always advise that you check out your manufacturer's guidelines in relation to the technical stuff.

If all the above seems an awful lot, do not fear, ‘Adventures on Wheels’ can bring your moho or caravan up to sparkling condition with one of our expert valets and can perform any minor surgeries that might be required before packing her up for the winter. Check out our home page for our range of services.

Don’t forget when you bring your van out of storage, you’ll still need to make your pre-holiday safety checks to make sure everything is in safe working order. Packing your pride and joy away carefully will just mean that you are far less likely to find any problems and can resume your travels with minimum effort and inconvenience.

Of course, for those of you who intend to ‘carry on camping’ throughout Christmas and New Year, we bow down to your intrepidness and wish you a happy and safe holiday, wherever you find yourself on Christmas morning.

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